8 strokes

submit, offer, present, serve (meal), accompany



Common words

  • 子供こども
    child, children
  • 提供ていきょう
    offer, tender, providing, supplying, making available, donating (blood, organs, etc.), sponsoring (a TV program)
  • 供給きょうきゅう
    supply, provision
  • 供与きょうよ
    giving, provision, furnishing
  • 供述きょうじゅつ
    affidavit, deposition, testimony
  • とも
    companion, follower, attendant, retinue
  • 自供じきょう
  • 供出きょうしゅつ
    obligatory supply (of goods to the government, e.g. during wartime), delivery (to the government at a fixed price, e.g. of rice)
  • 供えるそなえる
    to offer, to sacrifice, to dedicate
  • 供物くもつ
    offering (e.g. to the gods), votive offering