8 strokes

value, price




Common words

  • 価格かかく
    price, value, cost
  • 評価ひょうか
    valuation, appraisal, evaluation, assessment, estimation, rating, judging, appreciation, recognition, acknowledgement, rating highly, praising
  • 価値かち
    value, worth, merit
  • 物価ぶっか
    prices of commodities, prices (in general), cost-of-living
  • 地価ちか
    the price of land
  • 有価証券ゆうかしょうけん
    marketable securities, stocks and bonds
  • 米価べいか
    rice price
  • 創価学会そうかがっかい
    Soka Gakkai (lay organization based on Nichiren Buddhism)
  • 定価ていか
    list price, regular price, established price
  • 高価こうか
    highly priced, expensive, valuable, costly
  • 単価たんか
    unit price, unit cost
  • 真価しんか
    true value, real worth
  • 卸売物価おろしうりぶっか
    wholesale price
  • 廉価れんか
    low price, moderate price
  • 等価とうか
    equivalence, equal value, parity, (logical) equivalence
  • 貨幣価値かへいかち
    currency value