9 strokes

convenience, facility, excrement, feces, letter, chance



Common words

  • 郵便ゆうびん
    mail service, postal service, mail, post, mail, postal matter, postal items
  • 便利べんり
    convenient, handy, useful
  • 郵便局ゆうびんきょく
    post office
  • 便びん
    flight (e.g. airline flight), trip (e.g. train trip), service, mail, post, letter, opportunity, chance
  • 便宜べんぎ
    convenience, accommodation, advantage, benefit, expediency
  • 便りたより
    news, tidings, information, correspondence, letter
  • 不便ふべん
    inconvenience, inexpediency, unhandiness
  • 航空便こうくうびん
    airmail, air mail, air service, air transport (of goods)
  • 便乗びんじょう
    taking advantage of (an opportunity), jumping on the bandwagon, taking passage (in), getting a lift, getting a ride
  • 便所べんじょ
    toilet, lavatory, water closet, restroom, bathroom
  • 便秘べんぴ
  • 船便ふなびん
    surface mail (ship), sea mail, ferry service, steamer service
  • 穏便おんびん
    gentle, peaceable, amicable, quiet, without fuss, simply
  • 小便しょうべん
    urine, piss, pee, urination, breaking a contract
  • 便箋びんせん
    writing paper, stationery, notepaper