10 strokes

discipline, conduct oneself well, study, master



Common words

  • 修正しゅうせい
    amendment, correction, revision, modification, alteration, retouching, update, fix
  • 研修けんしゅう
    training (esp. in-service), induction course
  • 修理しゅうり
    repair, mending, fixing, servicing
  • 修了しゅうりょう
    completion (of a course)
  • 修学旅行しゅうがくりょこう
    excursion, field trip, school trip
  • 修業しゅうぎょう
    pursuit of knowledge, studying, learning, training, completing a course
  • 修士しゅうし
    master's (academic degree)
  • 修繕しゅうぜん
    repair, mending
  • 必修ひっしゅう
    required (subject)
  • 修練しゅうれん
    training, drill, practice, practising, discipline
  • 修めるおさめる
    to study, to complete (a course), to cultivate, to master, to order (one's life), to repair (a fault one has committed)