10 strokes

price, cost, value



Common words

  • 価値かち
    value, worth, merit
  • 値上げねあげ
    price increase, rise in price, wage increase
  • 値段ねだん
    price, cost
  • 数値すうち
    numerical value, numerics, reading (on a meter, etc.)
  • 値下げねさげ
    price reduction, price cut, reduction in price, markdown
  • あたい
    price, cost, value, worth, merit, value
  • 偏差値へんさち
    deviation value (usu. scaled to mean of 50, standard deviation of 10, and often used for academic grades), deviation, T-score, standard score
  • 値上がりねあがり
    price increase, rise in price
  • 値引きねびき
    price reduction, discount
  • 値下がりねさがり
    price decline, fall in price
  • 底値そこね
    bottom price
  • 値打ちねうち
    value, worth, merit, estimation, evaluation, appraisal
  • 卸値おろしね
    wholesale price
  • 値するあたいする
    to be worth, to be worthy of, to deserve, to merit
  • 貨幣価値かへいかち
    currency value
  • 値切るねぎる
    to drive a bargain, to beat down the price, to haggle