11 strokes

partial, side, left-side radical, inclining, biased



Common words

  • 偏差値へんさち
    deviation value (usu. scaled to mean of 50, standard deviation of 10, and often used for academic grades), deviation, T-score, standard score
  • 偏見へんけん
    prejudice, bias, distorted view
  • 偏向へんこう
    propensity, tendency, inclination, deflection
  • 不偏不党ふへんふとう
    impartiality, neutrality, independence
  • 偏るかたよる
    to lean (to one side), to incline, to be unbalanced (e.g. diet), to be unduly weighted towards, to be concentrated on, to be partial, to be biased, to be prejudiced
  • 偏狭へんきょう
    narrow-mindedness, intolerance, illiberality, narrowness
  • 偏食へんしょく
    unbalanced diet