11 strokes

halt, stopping



Common words

  • 停止ていし
    stoppage, coming to a stop, halt, standstill, ceasing (movement, activity, etc.), suspension (of operations), interruption (e.g. of electricity supply), cutting off, suspension (of payment, a licence, etc.), (temporary) prohibition, ban, suspension of music, dance, etc. as a sign of mourning for a prominent person
  • 調停ちょうてい
    arbitration, conciliation, mediation
  • 停滞ていたい
    stagnation, tie-up, standstill, congestion, delay, accumulation, falling into arrears
  • 停電ていでん
    power outage, electricity outage, blackout, failure of electricity supply
  • 停車ていしゃ
    stopping (of a train, car, etc.), stop
  • 停学ていがく
    suspension from school
  • 停留所ていりゅうじょ
    stop (bus, tram, etc.), station, stopping place