11 strokes

healthy, health, strength, persistence



Common words

  • 健康けんこう
    health, healthy, sound, fit, wholesome
  • 保健ほけん
    preservation of health, hygiene, sanitation, health education (school subject)
  • 健全けんぜん
    healthy, sound, wholesome
  • 穏健おんけん
    quiet, dependable, uniform, (politically) moderate
  • 健在けんざい
    in good health, alive and well, going strong
  • 健やかすこやか
    vigorous, healthy, sound
  • 不健康ふけんこう
    poor health, ill health, unhealthy
  • 剛健ごうけん
    vigour, vigor, virility, health, sturdiness