11 strokes

side, lean, oppose, regret



Common words

  • そば
    near, close, beside, vicinity, proximity, besides, while, third person
  • 側面そくめん
    side, flank, profile, sidelight, lateral, aspect, dimension
  • 内側うちがわ
    inside, interior, inner part
  • 外側そとがわ
    exterior, outside, outer, external, lateral
  • 両側りょうがわ
    both sides
  • 左側ひだりがわ
    left side, left-hand side
  • 右側みぎがわ
    right side, right-hand side
  • 片側かたがわ
    one side
  • 縁側えんがわ
    engawa, external corridor on the outer side of traditional Japanese houses, bone at the base of a fin (esp. of a flatfish), meat at the base of a fin