11 strokes

falsehood, lie, deceive, pretend, counterfeit, forgery



Common words

  • 偽造ぎぞう
    forgery, counterfeiting, fabrication, falsification
  • 虚偽きょぎ
    falsehood, untruth, lie, misinformation, fallacy (logic)
  • にせ
    imitation, fake, phony, counterfeit, forged, bogus, sham, pseudo-
  • 偽装ぎそう
    camouflage, disguise, pretense, feigning, masquerade
  • 真偽しんぎ
    truth or falsehood, genuineness, authenticity, veracity
  • 偽証ぎしょう
    false evidence, perjury, false testimony
  • 偽物にせもの
    spurious article, forgery, counterfeit, imitation, sham
  • 偽るいつわる
    to lie, to pretend, to feign, to falsify, to deceive, to trick