12 strokes

equip, provision, preparation



Common words

  • 設備せつび
    equipment, facilities, installation, accommodations, conveniences, arrangements
  • 準備じゅんび
    preparation, arrangements, getting ready, provision, setup, reserving
  • 整備せいび
    maintenance, servicing, putting in place, development, improvement, preparation, provision, equipping, outfitting
  • 守備しゅび
    defense, defence
  • 予備よび
    reserve, spare, preparation, preliminaries
  • 警備けいび
    defense, defence, guard, policing, security
  • 軍備ぐんび
    armaments, military preparations
  • 備えるそなえる
    to furnish with, to equip with, to provide, to install, to prepare for, to make preparations for, to make provision for, to possess (all that is needed), to be endowed with, to be equipped with, to be born with, to have since birth
  • 備蓄びちく
    stockpile, reserves, storing, stocking up, laying in (supplies)
  • 不備ふび
    defect, deficiency, imperfection, inadequacy, lack, Yours in haste
  • 備わるそなわる
    to be furnished with, to be provided with, to be equipped with, to be possessed of, to be endowed with, to be gifted with, to be among, to be one of
  • 予備費よびひ
    reserve funds, emergency funds