14 strokes

statue, picture, image, figure, portrait



Common words

  • 映像えいぞう
    image (on a screen), picture (e.g. on a TV), video, film, footage, reflection, image (in one's mind), mental picture
  • 画像がぞう
    image, picture, portrait
  • 想像そうぞう
    imagination, supposition, guess
  • ぞう
    image, figure, statue, picture, portrait, figure, form, shape, appearance, image
  • 仏像ぶつぞう
    statue of Buddha, image of Buddha, Buddhist statue, Buddhist image
  • 群像ぐんぞう
    lively group (esp. of young people), dynamic bunch, group
  • 銅像どうぞう
    bronze statue
  • 現像げんぞう
    development (of film), photographic processing
  • 自画像じがぞう
  • 胸像きょうぞう
    bust (sculpture), half-length portrait
  • 偶像ぐうぞう
    image, idol, statue
  • 彫像ちょうぞう
    sculpture, carved statue, graven image