17 strokes

tenderness, excel, surpass, actor, superiority, gentleness



Common words

  • 優勝ゆうしょう
    overall victory, championship, winning the title, (being in) heaven, bliss, perfect contentment
  • 優先ゆうせん
    preference, priority, precedence
  • 俳優はいゆう
    actor, actress, player, performer
  • 女優じょゆう
    actress, female actor
  • 優秀ゆうしゅう
    superior, excellent, brilliant, outstanding
  • 優遇ゆうぐう
    favorable treatment, favourable treatment, hospitality, warm reception, good treatment, hearty welcome
  • 優勢ゆうせい
    superiority, superior power, predominance, preponderance
  • 優しいやさしい
    tender, kind, gentle, graceful, affectionate, amiable
  • 優雅ゆうが
    elegant, graceful, refined, leisurely, comfortable, easy, carefree
  • 優等生ゆうとうせい
    honor student, honours student, model student, prize pupil
  • 優劣ゆうれつ
    (relative) merits, superiority or inferiority, quality
  • 優柔不断ゆうじゅうふだん
    indecisive, irresolute, shilly-shally, vacillating
  • 優越感ゆうえつかん
    superiority complex, sense of superiority