6 strokes

before, ahead, previous, future, precedence



Common words

  • 先進国せんしんこく
    advanced (developed) country, advanced nations
  • 先月せんげつ
    last month
  • 先生せんせい
    teacher, instructor, master, sensei, title or form of address for a teacher, master, doctor, lawyer, etc., intimate or teasing form of address, one's elder
  • 優先ゆうせん
    preference, priority, precedence
  • 先頭せんとう
    head (of a line, group, etc.), front, lead, forefront, vanguard
  • 先にさきに
    previously, before, earlier, formerly, recently, first, before (something or someone else), ahead (of), earlier, beforehand, in advance, ahead of time
  • 先輩せんぱい
    senior (at work or school), superior, elder, older graduate, progenitor, old-timer
  • 先週せんしゅう
    last week, the week before
  • 先日せんじつ
    the other day, a few days ago
  • 先端せんたん
    pointed end, tip, point, cusp (of a leaf, crescent moon, etc.), apex (of a curve), forefront, vanguard, spearhead, leading edge
  • 最先端さいせんたん
    cutting edge, leading edge, forefront, state of the art, tip, end
  • 先着せんちゃく
    arriving first
  • 先祖せんぞ
    ancestor, forefather, foremother
  • 先決せんけつ
    deciding first, settling (a matter) first, first priority
  • 真っ先まっさき
    the head, the foremost, beginning, the very front
  • 先駆せんく
    forerunner, precursor, pioneer, leader, outrider, outriding
  • 祖先そせん
  • 先例せんれい
  • 行き先いきさき
    destination, whereabouts, future, prospects
  • 先導せんどう
    guidance, leadership, leading the way