8 strokes

excuse, dismissal



Common words

  • 免許めんきょ
    license, licence, permission, permit, certificate
  • 免疫めんえき
    immunity, immunization, immunisation, being hardened (to), being unaffected (by), being accustomed (to)
  • 免除めんじょ
    exemption, exoneration, discharge
  • 免税めんぜい
    tax exemption, duty exemption
  • 免職めんしょく
    dismissal, sacking, discharge
  • 免責めんせき
    exemption from responsibility, disclaimer
  • 罷免ひめん
    dismissal (from a position), discharge
  • 免れるまぬがれる
    to escape (disaster, death, etc.), to be saved from, to be rescued from, to avoid (e.g. punishment), to evade (e.g. responsibility), to avert, to elude, to be exempted from
  • 免状めんじょう
    diploma, licence, license
  • 赦免しゃめん
    pardon, remission, amnesty