8 strokes

tool, utensil, means, possess, ingredients, counter for armor, suits, sets of furniture



Common words

  • 具体的ぐたいてき
    concrete, definite, specific, material, substantial
  • 具体ぐたい
    concreteness, embodiment
  • 具合ぐあい
    condition, state, health, state (of health), way, manner, circumstance, luck, face, dignity, decency, propriety
  • 道具どうぐ
    tool, implement, instrument, utensil, apparatus, device, means, furniture
  • 家具かぐ
  • 器具きぐ
    utensil, implement, tool, instrument, appliance, apparatus
  • 用具ようぐ
    tool, implement, instrument, equipment
  • tool, means, ingredients (added to soup, rice, etc.), counter for sets of armor, utensils, furniture, etc.
  • 絵の具えのぐ
    paint, coloring materials, colors, colours
  • 寝具しんぐ
    bedding, bedclothes
  • 文房具ぶんぼうぐ
  • 玩具おもちゃ
    toy, (person or thing treated as a) plaything
  • 雨具あまぐ
    rain gear