6 strokes

again, twice, second time



Common words

  • 再びふたたび
    again, once more, a second time
  • 再建さいけん
    rebuilding, reconstruction, rehabilitation, protoform reconstruction
  • 再開さいかい
    reopening, resumption, restarting
  • 再生さいせい
    restoration to life, coming to life again, resuscitation, regeneration, reformation, rehabilitation, recycling, reclamation, recovery, playback, regeneration (of video or sound), views (of an online video), regeneration (of lost or damage tissue), regrowth, rebirth, reincarnation, recall (memory), retrieval
  • 再三さいさん
    again and again, repeatedly
  • 再度さいど
    a second time, again, once more, twice
  • 再会さいかい
    meeting again, reunion
  • 再起さいき
    comeback, recovery, restoration, rally
  • 再婚さいこん
    second marriage, remarriage
  • 再来年さらいねん
    year after next