2 strokes

sword, saber, knife



Common words

  • かたな
    sword (esp. Japanese single-edged), katana, scalpel, chisel, burin, graver, knife money (knife-shaped commodity money used in ancient China)
  • 日本刀にほんとう
    Japanese sword (usu. single-edged and curved), Japanese bladed weapon
  • 刀剣とうけん
    sword, dagger, knife, bayonet
  • 竹刀しない
    bamboo sword (for kendo), bamboo fencing stick
  • 太刀たち
    long sword (esp. the tachi, worn on the hip edge down by samurai), large sword, straight single-edged Japanese sword (from the mid-Heian period or earlier), guandao, Chinese glaive
  • 小刀こがたな
    (small) knife, short sword, small sword
  • 短刀たんとう
    short sword, knife, dagger, dirk, tantō