6 strokes

file, row, rank, tier, column



Common words

  • 列車れっしゃ
    train, railway train
  • 系列けいれつ
    series, sequence, system, succession, keiretsu (group), conglomeration of businesses linked by cross-shareholdings, affiliated, subsidiary
  • 列島れっとう
    archipelago, chain of islands
  • れつ
    row, line, file, column, queue, rank, procession, company (of someone), group, ranks, sequence, counter for rows
  • 行列ぎょうれつ
    line, queue, procession, parade, matrix
  • 列挙れっきょ
    enumeration, list
  • 参列さんれつ
    attendance, participation, presence
  • 配列はいれつ
    arrangement, disposition, array
  • 陳列ちんれつ
    exhibition, display, putting on show
  • 並列へいれつ
    arranging in a line, standing in a row, parallel (electronics, computing, etc.)
  • 同列どうれつ
    same row, same line, same file, same rank, same level, same category, same treatment
  • 長蛇の列ちょうだのれつ
    long line, long queue
  • 整列せいれつ
    standing in a row, forming a line, alignment
  • 列国れっこく
    nations, states
  • 葬列そうれつ
    funeral procession
  • 直列ちょくれつ
    series (e.g. electrical), serial
  • 羅列られつ
    enumeration, citation, listing
  • 後列こうれつ
    back row, rear rank