7 strokes

separate, branch off, diverge, fork, another, extra, specially



Common words

  • 特別とくべつ
    special, particular, extraordinary, exceptional, especial
  • 差別さべつ
    distinction, differentiation, discrimination, discrimination (against people)
  • 別にべつに
    (not) particularly, (not) especially, (not) specially, separately, apart, additionally, extra
  • 別れわかれ
    parting, separation, farewell
  • 別荘べっそう
    holiday house, vacation home, villa, prison, jail
  • 性別せいべつ
    gender, distinction of sex, sex
  • 区別くべつ
    distinction, differentiation, classification
  • 別々べつべつ
    separate, respective, different
  • 別個べっこ
    another, different, separate, discrete
  • 別居べっきょ
    separation, living separately, living apart
  • 分別ぶんべつ
    separation (e.g. of rubbish when recycling), classification, discrimination, division, distinction
  • 別人べつじん
    different person, another person, someone else, changed man
  • 別館べっかん
    annex (to a building), annexe, extension, supplementary building
  • 識別しきべつ
    discrimination, discernment, identification
  • 大別たいべつ
    general classification, broad categorization
  • 格別かくべつ
    particular, special, exceptional, especial, particularly, especially, exceptionally
  • 別名べつめい
    another name, different name, synonym, alias, pseudonym, pen name, nom de plume
  • 別問題べつもんだい
    different thing, another question, different case
  • 別れるわかれる
    to part (usu. of people), to part from, to part with, to be apart from, to separate (of a couple), to break up, to divorce, to lose (e.g. one's mother), to be bereaved
  • 別冊べっさつ
    separate volume, extra issue, supplement, additional volume, supplementary volume