8 strokes




Common words

  • 証券しょうけん
    bond, bill, certificate, security
  • 債券さいけん
    bond, debenture
  • 有価証券ゆうかしょうけん
    marketable securities, stocks and bonds
  • 株券かぶけん
    stock certificate
  • 入場券にゅうじょうけん
    admission ticket, entrance ticket, platform ticket, ticket allowing a non-traveller access to a railway station platform
  • 旅券りょけん
  • けん
    ticket, coupon, bond, certificate
  • 定期券ていきけん
    commuter pass, season ticket
  • 回数券かいすうけん
    coupon tickets, discount tickets, book of tickets
  • 乗車券じょうしゃけん
    ticket (for bus, train, etc.), passenger ticket, basic fare ticket (not valid on limited express trains without a supplemental express ticket)