8 strokes

thorn, pierce, stab, prick, sting, calling card



Common words

  • 刺激しげき
    stimulus, stimulation, irritation (esp. of the body, e.g. skin, eyes), impetus, impulse, stimulus, spur, incentive, encouragement, stimulation, motivation, provocation, excitement, thrill
  • 名刺めいし
    business card
  • 風刺ふうし
    satire, irony, sarcasm
  • 刺すさす
    to pierce, to stab, to prick, to stick, to thrust, to sting, to bite, to sew, to stitch, to embroider, to pole (a boat), to catch (with a limed pole), to put (a runner) out, to pick off
  • 刺さるささる
    to stick into (of something with a sharp point), to prick, to pierce, to get stuck (in), to lodge (in), to resonate emotionally, to move
  • 突き刺すつきさす
    to stab, to stick, to pierce, to thrust
  • 刺し殺すさしころす
    to stab to death