9 strokes

rule, law, follow, based on, model after



Common words

  • 原則げんそく
    principle, general rule, as a rule, in principle, in general
  • 規則きそく
    rule, regulation
  • 罰則ばっそく
    punishment, penalty, penal regulations, penal provisions, penal code
  • 校則こうそく
    school rules, school regulations
  • 反則はんそく
    foul, breaking the rules, violation (of the law, regulations, etc.), infringement, breach, infraction
  • 法則ほうそく
    law, rule
  • 不規則ふきそく
    irregularity, unsteadiness, disorderly
  • 変則へんそく
    irregularity, anomaly
  • 会則かいそく
    society regulations, club regulations, constitution