9 strokes

in front, before



Common words

  • 前年ぜんねん
    the preceding year, the previous year, last year
  • 午前ごぜん
    morning, a.m.
  • 前半ぜんはん
    first half
  • 名前なまえ
    name, given name, first name
  • 前提ぜんてい
    condition, assumption, prerequisite, hypothesis, intention, intent, aim, goal, premise (in logic)
  • 前回ぜんかい
    previous time, last time, previous installment, previous instalment, previous session
  • 直前ちょくぜん
    just before, just prior to, right in front of, just in front of
  • 以前いぜん
    before, prior to, ago, the past, before, previously, former times
  • 事前じぜん
    prior, beforehand, in advance, before the fact, ex ante
  • 前向きまえむき
    front-facing, forward-looking, positive, constructive
  • 前期ぜんき
    first term, first half-year, preceding period, early period
  • 戦前せんぜん
    pre-war days, before the war
  • 駅前えきまえ
    in front of a station
  • 前後ぜんご
    front and rear, front and back, before and behind, back and forth, before and after, around, about, approximately, order, context, consequences, just when, around the time of, inversion, reversion, getting out of order, co-occurring, happening at the same time
  • 当たり前あたりまえ
    natural, reasonable, obvious, usual, common, ordinary, commonplace, the norm
  • 前進ぜんしん
    advance, moving forward, progress
  • 目前もくぜん
    before one's very eyes, under one's nose, imminence, close at hand
  • 前夜ぜんや
    last night, the previous night, night before (Christmas, etc.), eve (of festival, major event, etc.)
  • 手前てまえ
    before oneself, in front of one, nearby, a bit before reaching (a location), this side (of a location), one's standpoint, one's appearance, face, honour, skill, dexterity, artistry, ingenuity, tea-ceremony procedures, I, me, you
  • 寸前すんぜん
    just before, on the verge of, on the brink of, just in front of, just ahead of