6 strokes

inferiority, be inferior to, be worse



Common words

  • 劣勢れっせい
    inferiority (e.g. numerical), inferior position, disadvantage, unfavorable situation, unfavourable situation
  • 劣悪れつあく
    inferior, coarse, poor quality, inadequate, deteriorated
  • 卑劣ひれつ
    mean, contemptible, despicable, dirty, foul, cowardly, base
  • 劣るおとる
    to be inferior to, to be less good at, to fall behind
  • 優劣ゆうれつ
    (relative) merits, superiority or inferiority, quality
  • 劣等感れっとうかん
    inferiority complex, sense of inferiority
  • 拙劣せつれつ
    clumsy, unskillful