7 strokes

help, rescue, assist



Common words

  • 援助えんじょ
    assistance, aid, support
  • 補助ほじょ
    assistance, support, help, aid, subsidy, supplement, subvention, grant-in-aid, spotting (in weight training)
  • 助教授じょきょうじゅ
    assistant professor, associate professor
  • 助手じょしゅ
    assistant, helper, assistant (to a professor), research assistant
  • 救助きゅうじょ
    relief, aid, rescue
  • 助言じょげん
    advice, counsel, suggestion, tip, hint
  • 扶助ふじょ
    aid, help, assistance, support
  • 助けるたすける
    to save, to rescue, to help, to assist, to support (financially), to contribute (to), to provide aid, to facilitate, to stimulate, to promote, to contribute to
  • 助産婦じょさんぷ
  • 互助ごじょ
    mutual aid, cooperation, benefit
  • 賛助さんじょ
    support, patronage
  • 助力じょりょく
    assistance, support
  • 助かるたすかる
    to be saved, to be rescued, to survive, to escape harm, to be spared damage, to be helped, to be saved trouble
  • 助け合うたすけあう
    to help each other, to cooperate
  • 助詞じょし
    particle, postpositional word in Japanese grammar that functions as an auxiliary to a main word