8 strokes

merit, efficacy, efficiency, benefit



Common words

  • 効果こうか
    effect, effectiveness, efficacy, result, effects (e.g. sound effects, visual effects, special effects)
  • 有効ゆうこう
    valid, effective, yuko (judo)
  • 効率こうりつ
  • 無効むこう
    invalid, void, ineffective, unavailable
  • 時効じこう
    statute of limitations, lapse of rights after a period of time, prescription (including acquisitive and extinctive prescription), becoming invalid or void after a set time, ageing, aging
  • 効力こうりょく
    effect, efficacy, validity, potency
  • 効き目ききめ
    effect, virtue, efficacy, impression, one's dominant eye
  • 逆効果ぎゃくこうか
    opposite effect, adverse effect, backfiring