9 strokes

courage, cheer up, be in high spirits, bravery, heroism



Common words

  • 勇気ゆうき
    courage, bravery, valour, valor, nerve, boldness
  • 勇退ゆうたい
    bowing out, retiring voluntarily
  • 勇敢ゆうかん
    brave, heroic, gallant
  • 勇み足いさみあし
    overeagerness, rashness, forward step-out
  • 武勇ぶゆう
    bravery, military prowess, valour, valor
  • 勇士ゆうし
    brave warrior, hero, brave man
  • 蛮勇ばんゆう
    foolhardiness, recklessness, savage valour, savage valor, brute courage
  • 勇むいさむ
    to be in high spirits, to be encouraged, to be lively, to cheer up
  • 勇ましいいさましい
    brave, valiant, gallant, courageous, stirring, vigorous, rousing