11 strokes

move, motion, change, confusion, shift, shake



Common words

  • 活動かつどう
    activity (of a person, organization, animal, volcano, etc.), action, movie (esp. during the silent movie period)
  • 行動こうどう
    action, conduct, behaviour, behavior, mobilization, mobilisation
  • 運動うんどう
    exercise, physical training, workout, sports, athletics, appeal, campaign, drive, crusade, movement, lobbying, motion, movement
  • 動きうごき
    movement, move, motion, trend, development, change, fluctuation
  • 自動車じどうしゃ
    car, automobile, motorcar, motor vehicle, auto
  • 不動産ふどうさん
    real estate
  • 動物どうぶつ
  • 動向どうこう
    trend, tendency, movement, attitude
  • 移動いどう
    movement, transfer, migration, removal, travel, mobile, moving, traveling, travelling, roving
  • 変動へんどう
    change, fluctuation
  • 自動じどう
    automatic, intransitive verb
  • 動機どうき
    motive, incentive, motif
  • 感動かんどう
    being deeply moved emotionally, excitement, passion, inspiration, deep emotion, strong impression
  • 動物園どうぶつえん
    zoo, zoological gardens
  • 暴動ぼうどう
    insurrection, riot, uprising, rebellion, revolt
  • 騒動そうどう
    strife, riot, rebellion, turmoil, (media) uproar, brouhaha, (public) outcry, scandal, controversy, feud, tussle, quarrel, dispute
  • 言動げんどう
    speech and conduct, words and deeds
  • 激動げきどう
    violent shock, agitation, turbulence, turmoil, upheaval, excitement
  • 動員どういん
    mobilization, mobilisation
  • 反動はんどう
    reaction, recoil, kick, backlash