11 strokes

task, duties



Common words

  • 事務じむ
    office work, clerical work, administration, business, affairs
  • 外務省がいむしょう
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 事務所じむしょ
  • 専務せんむ
    special duty, being in sole charge of a duty, senior managing director, executive director
  • 常務じょうむ
    managing director, executive director, routine business, regular business
  • 外務がいむ
    foreign affairs
  • 義務ぎむ
    duty, obligation, responsibility
  • 国務長官こくむちょうかん
    Secretary of State
  • 公務員こうむいん
    government worker, public servant, civil servant
  • 任務にんむ
    duty, function, office, mission, task
  • 財務ざいむ
    financial affairs
  • 法務省ほうむしょう
    Ministry of Justice
  • 職務しょくむ
    professional duties
  • 国務こくむ
    affairs of state
  • 刑務所けいむしょ
    prison, jail, gaol, penitentiary
  • 法務ほうむ
    judicial affairs, clerical duty (in a temple)
  • 責務せきむ
    duty, obligation
  • 公務こうむ
    official business, public business
  • 税務署ぜいむしょ
    tax office
  • 事務室じむしつ
    office (room)