12 strokes

recruit, campaign, gather (contributions), enlist, grow violent



Common words

  • 応募おうぼ
    application, subscription, entry (competition, raffle, etc.), enlistment
  • 募集ぼしゅう
    recruitment, invitation, selection, advertisement, taking applications, raising (funds, donations, etc.), collection, subscription, solicitation, flotation (of shares, loans, etc.)
  • 募金ぼきん
    fund-raising, collection of funds
  • 公募こうぼ
    public appeal (e.g. for contributions), public advertisement (of a post), open recruitment, public offering (of securities)
  • 募るつのる
    to become stronger, to grow in intensity, to grow violent, to become worse, to invite contributions, etc., to solicit help, participation, etc., to recruit (e.g. soldiers)