5 strokes

half, middle, odd number, semi-, part-



Common words

  • 前半ぜんはん
    first half
  • 半分はんぶん
  • 後半こうはん
    second half, latter half
  • はん
    half, semi-, half-past, odd number, han (unit of land area, approx. 595.8 m^2)
  • 大半たいはん
    majority, more than half, most (of), mostly, largely, mainly, predominately, nearly
  • 過半数かはんすう
  • 半年はんとし
    half a year, six months
  • 半数はんすう
    half the number, haploid
  • 半導体はんどうたい
    semiconductor, solid-state
  • 半面はんめん
    half the face, one side, half, the other side, the reverse, the contrary
  • 半島はんとう
    peninsula, Korea
  • 半ばなかば
    middle, halfway, midway, half (of), one half, half (e.g. done, jokingly), partly, in part, partially, mostly, almost, nearly
  • 半額はんがく
    half the amount (of money), half price, half fare
  • 半径はんけい
  • 下半身かはんしん
    lower half of the body
  • 半月はんげつ
    half-moon, half a month, semicircle
  • 半端はんぱ
    remnant, fragment, incomplete set, incompleteness, fraction, odd sum, halfway, half-hearted, perfunctory, irresponsible, foolish
  • 上半身じょうはんしん
    upper half of the body, upper body
  • 半日はんにち
    half day
  • 半減はんげん
    reduction by half, halving