9 strokes

simple, one, single, merely



Common words

  • 簡単かんたん
    simple, easy, uncomplicated, brief, quick, light
  • 単位たんい
    unit, denomination, credit (in school), in units of (e.g. "in thousands"), in amounts of
  • 単独たんどく
    sole, single, solo, independence, singleness, singularity
  • 単純たんじゅん
    simple, plain, uncomplicated, straightforward, simple-minded, naive
  • 単にたんに
    simply, merely, only, solely
  • 単なるたんなる
    mere, simple, sheer
  • 単一たんいつ
    single, simple, sole, individual, unitary
  • 単価たんか
    unit price, unit cost
  • 単行本たんこうぼん
    standalone book (i.e. not part of an anthology, series, etc.), (book published as a) single volume, tankōbon, individual volume of a manga series
  • 単語たんご
    word, vocabulary
  • 単調たんちょう
    monotony, monotone, dullness, monotone, monotonic