4 strokes




Common words

  • 反対はんたい
    opposition, resistance, antagonism, hostility, objection, dissent, reverse, opposite, inverse, contrary
  • 違反いはん
    violation, offense, offence, breach, transgression, infringement, contravention
  • 反発はんぱつ
    opposition, rebellion, revolt, resistance, backlash, refusal, rebounding, recoiling, repulsion, rally (e.g. in stock prices), recovery
  • 反応はんのう
    reaction, response
  • 反省はんせい
    reflection, reconsideration, introspection, meditation, contemplation, regret, repentance, remorse, being sorry
  • 反響はんきょう
    echo, reverberation, response, reaction, repercussions, sensation, influence
  • 反撃はんげき
    counterattack, counteroffensive, counterblow
  • 反戦はんせん
  • 反乱はんらん
    insurrection, mutiny, rebellion, revolt, uprising
  • 反論はんろん
    objection, refutation, rebuttal, counterargument
  • 反動はんどう
    reaction, recoil, kick, backlash
  • 反映はんえい
    reflection (of light), reflection (of society, attitudes, etc.), application (of an update, changes, etc.), taking effect
  • 反則はんそく
    foul, breaking the rules, violation (of the law, regulations, etc.), infringement, breach, infraction
  • 反感はんかん
    antipathy, antagonism, animosity, revulsion, ill feeling
  • 反射はんしゃ
    reflection, reverberation, reflex, reflexes
  • 反逆はんぎゃく
    treason, treachery, mutiny, rebellion, insurrection
  • 離反りはん
    estrangement, alienation, disaffection, desertion, defection, breakaway
  • 反するはんする
    to be contrary to, to be inconsistent with, to contradict, to act contrary to (rules or guidelines), to violate, to transgress, to oppose, to rebel, to revolt
  • 反抗はんこう
    opposition, resistance, insubordination, defiance, hostility, rebellion
  • 反復はんぷく
    repetition, iteration, recursion, recurrence, recapitulation