4 strokes

income, obtain, reap, pay, supply, store



Common words

  • 収入しゅうにゅう
    income, receipts, revenue
  • 収支しゅうし
    income and expenditure
  • 回収かいしゅう
    collection, recovery, withdrawal, retrieval
  • 収益しゅうえき
    earnings, proceeds, returns, revenue
  • 収集しゅうしゅう
    collecting, accumulating, gathering, collection (of art, stamps, insects, etc.), garbage collection, waste collection
  • 買収ばいしゅう
    acquisition (esp. corporate), buy-out, takeover, purchase, bribery, buying off, corruption
  • 収賄しゅうわい
    accepting bribes, corruption, graft
  • 年収ねんしゅう
    annual income
  • 収穫しゅうかく
    harvest, crop, ingathering, fruits (of one's labors), gain, result, returns, catch (fishing), bag (hunting), haul
  • 収容しゅうよう
    accommodation, taking in, receiving, housing, seating, admission (of patients, students, etc.), imprisonment, detention, internment, containing (e.g. words in a dictionary), adding
  • 収拾しゅうしゅう
    control, bringing under control, settling (a matter), putting in order
  • 吸収きゅうしゅう
    absorption, suction, attraction
  • 徴収ちょうしゅう
    collection (of fees, taxes, etc.), levy
  • 領収書りょうしゅうしょ
    simplified receipt with a blank line to be filled out with the customer's name (used specifically for claiming expenses), hand-written receipt
  • 押収おうしゅう
    seizure, confiscation
  • 収めるおさめる
    to pay (fees, taxes, etc.), to dedicate, to make an offering, to supply, to put away (in), to keep, to store, to finish, to bring to a close, to restore (something to its place), to achieve (e.g. a result)
  • 収まるおさまる
    to fit into (a box, frame, category, etc.), to be contained within, to fall within (e.g. a budget), to settle down (into), to be installed (in one's rightful place), to be returned (to one's original position), to settle into (one's position), to take up (a post), to occupy (a role), to be delivered, to be paid (e.g. taxes), to be settled (dispute, conflict, etc.), to be sorted, to subside (e.g. wind), to calm down, to abate, to be satisfied (e.g. with an answer), to consent, to agree
  • 没収ぼっしゅう
    forfeiture, seizure, confiscation, impounding
  • 贈収賄ぞうしゅうわい
    bribery, corruption
  • 領収りょうしゅう
    receipt (of money), receiving