5 strokes




Common words

  • 古代こだい
    ancient times, distant past, antiquity
  • 古典こてん
    classic (work, esp. book), the classics
  • 古墳こふん
    ancient burial mound, barrow, tumulus
  • 考古学こうこがく
    archaeology, archeology
  • 中古ちゅうこ
    used, second-hand, old, Middle Ages (in Japan esp. Heian period)
  • 古いふるい
    old, aged, ancient, antiquated, antique, timeworn, long, since long ago, time-honored, of the distant past, long-ago, stale, threadbare, hackneyed, corny, old-fashioned, outmoded, out-of-date
  • 古本ふるほん
    secondhand book, ancient book, antiquarian books
  • 古巣ふるす
    old haunts, former homes
  • 古風こふう
    old-fashioned, archaic, antique, antiquated
  • 履き古しはきふるし
    worn-out shoes, worn-out socks
  • 太古たいこ
    ancient times
  • 稽古けいこ
    practice, practising, training, study
  • 古城こじょう
    old castle, old fortress
  • 古語こご
    archaic word, obsolete word, archaism, old saying, old adage, old language, ancient language
  • 古臭いふるくさい
    stale, old fashioned, hackneyed, trite, antiquated, obsolete, musty, outdated
  • 古文こぶん
    ancient writing (Edo-period or older), classical literature, ancient Chinese character (pre-Qin period), Chinese character script used before the Qin period