5 strokes




Common words

  • みぎ
    right, right-hand side, afore-mentioned (esp. in vertical Japanese writing), foregoing, forgoing, above
  • 右翼うよく
    right-wing (politics), extreme right-wing group, right wing (bird, plane, etc.), right field, right flank, right wing, right fielder, high rank, high grade, A-student
  • 左右さゆう
    left and right, right and left, (asserting) control, influence, domination, one's attendants, people accompanying one, (serving at someone's) side, equivocation
  • 右派うは
    right wing
  • 右手みぎて
    right hand, right-hand side, right-hand direction, (on) the right
  • 右側みぎがわ
    right side, right-hand side
  • 右方うほう
    right side, style of Japanese court music
  • 右往左往うおうさおう
    moving about in confusion, going every which way, going this way and that