7 strokes

negate, no, noes, refuse, decline, deny



Common words

  • 拒否きょひ
    refusal, rejection, denial, veto
  • 否定ひてい
    denial, negation, repudiation, disavowal, negation, NOT operation
  • 賛否さんぴ
    yes and no, for and against
  • 拒否権きょひけん
    right of veto
  • 否決ひけつ
    rejection, negation, voting down
  • 安否あんぴ
    safety, welfare, well-being
  • 否認ひにん
    denial, negation, repudiation, disapproval
  • 諾否だくひ
    consent or refusal, yes or no, decision to accept or decline, up or down (vote), assent or dissent, accept or reject