6 strokes

suck, imbibe, inhale, sip



Common words

  • 呼吸こきゅう
    breathing, respiration, knack, trick, secret (of doing something), harmony, balance, synchronization, accord, short interval, short pause
  • 吸収きゅうしゅう
    absorption, suction, attraction
  • 吸い殻すいがら
    cigarette end, cigarette butt, tobacco ashes
  • 吸い込むすいこむ
    to inhale, to breathe in, to suck up, to imbibe, to absorb, to soak up
  • 吸引きゅういん
    absorption, suction, aspiration, attraction, draw
  • 吸うすう
    to smoke, to breathe in, to inhale, to suck, to sip, to slurp, to absorb, to soak up, to kiss
  • 吸入きゅうにゅう