7 strokes

revelation, tell, inform, announce



Common words

  • 被告ひこく
    defendant, the accused
  • 報告ほうこく
    report, information
  • 広告こうこく
    advertisement, advertising, announcement, notice
  • 原告げんこく
    plaintiff, accuser, prosecutor
  • 勧告かんこく
    advice, counsel, remonstrance, recommendation
  • 申告しんこく
    report, return (e.g. tax), statement, declaration, notification, filing
  • 警告けいこく
    warning, advice
  • 告発こくはつ
    indictment, prosecution, complaint
  • 被告人ひこくにん
    accused, defendant, prisoner at the bar
  • 通告つうこく
    announcement, notice
  • 告訴こくそ
    accusation, complaint, charge, suit, legal action, legal proceedings
  • 宣告せんこく
    sentence, verdict, pronouncement
  • 予告よこく
    advance notice, previous note, preliminary announcement, trailer (film, TV), preview
  • 告白こくはく
    confession (to a crime, wrongdoing, etc.), admission, professing one's feelings (to someone one wants to go out with), declaration of love, profession (of faith), confession (of sins)
  • 告げるつげる
    to tell, to inform, to announce, to indicate, to signal, to mark
  • 忠告ちゅうこく
    advice, warning