8 strokes

circumference, circuit, lap



Common words

  • 周辺しゅうへん
    circumference, outskirts, environs, around, in the area of, in the vicinity of, (computer) peripheral
  • 周囲しゅうい
    surroundings, environs, circumference
  • 周りまわり
    circumference, girth, surroundings, neighbourhood, neighborhood, vicinity, people surrounding oneself, surrounding circumstances
  • 周知しゅうち
    common knowledge, being well-known, making (something) well-known
  • 一周いっしゅう
    one round, one circuit, one revolution, one lap, one turn
  • 周期しゅうき
    cycle, period
  • 周到しゅうとう
    careful, thorough, meticulous, scrupulous
  • 周遊しゅうゆう
    (circular) tour, round trip, excursion
  • 半周はんしゅう
    semicircle, hemicycle, half globe, to go halfway round (e.g. the earth)