8 strokes

flavor, taste



Common words

  • 意味いみ
    meaning, significance, sense
  • あじ
    flavor, flavour, taste, charm, appeal, uniqueness, attractiveness, experience, taste (e.g. of victory), smart, clever, witty, strange
  • 興味きょうみ
    interest (in something), curiosity (about something), zest (for)
  • 趣味しゅみ
    hobby, pastime, tastes, preference, liking
  • 気味きみ
    sensation, feeling, tendency, propensity
  • 地味じみ
    plain, simple, subdued, sober, reserved (behaviour, attitude, etc.), modest, quiet, unobtrusive, quite, a (little) bit
  • 味方みかた
    friend, ally, supporter, taking sides (with), supporting, standing by, backing up
  • 不気味ぶきみ
    weird, eerie, ominous, creepy, uncanny, unearthly
  • 三味線しゃみせん
    shamisen, samisen, three-stringed Japanese lute
  • 味覚みかく
    taste, palate, sense of taste
  • 調味料ちょうみりょう
    seasoning, flavoring, flavouring, condiment
  • 味わうあじわう
    to taste, to savor, to savour, to relish, to appreciate, to enjoy, to relish, to digest, to experience, to go through, to taste (e.g. victory), to know (e.g. pain)
  • 正味しょうみ
    net (amount), clear, full (e.g. working hours), net weight, net price, cost price, actual content, useful part
  • 酸味さんみ
    sourness, acidity
  • 味噌みそ
    miso, fermented condiment usu. made from soybeans, innards (from crabs, shrimps, etc.) resembling miso, key (main) point, good part (of something), weakling, weak person, try
  • 無意味むいみ
    nonsense, no meaning, meaningless
  • 珍味ちんみ
    delicacy, dainties
  • 興味深いきょうみぶかい
    very interesting, of great interest
  • 甘味料かんみりょう
    sweetener (sugar, honey, saccharin, maltose, etc.), sweetening agent, sweetening
  • 興味津々きょうみしんしん
    very interesting, of absorbing interest, having a keen interest (in), being immensely curious (about)