8 strokes

call, call out to, invite



Common words

  • 呼ぶよぶ
    to call out (to), to call, to invoke, to summon (a doctor, etc.), to invite, to designate, to name, to brand, to garner (support, etc.), to gather, to take as one's wife
  • 呼吸こきゅう
    breathing, respiration, knack, trick, secret (of doing something), harmony, balance, synchronization, accord, short interval, short pause
  • 呼びかけよびかけ
    call, appeal
  • 呼応こおう
    hailing each other, acting in concert, responding (to), sympathizing (with), agreement, concord
  • 呼び名よびな
    popular name, common name, given name
  • 呼び出すよびだす
    to summon, to call (e.g. phone), to convene, to decoy, to lure, to invoke (e.g. subroutine), to call, to open (e.g. a file)
  • 呼び声よびごえ
    call, hail, yell
  • 呼び捨てよびすて
    addressing (someone) without using a suffix such as "-san" or "-chan" (considered impolite)
  • 呼び戻すよびもどす
    to call (someone) back, to recall, to call home, to bring back (memories, etc.), to recall, to revive