9 strokes

goods, refinement, dignity, article, counter for meal courses



Common words

  • 作品さくひん
    work (e.g. book, film, composition, etc.), opus, performance, production
  • 商品しょうひん
    commodity, article of commerce, goods, stock, merchandise
  • 製品せいひん
    manufactured goods, finished goods, product
  • 部品ぶひん
    parts, accessories, components
  • 食品しょくひん
    food, food products, foodstuffs
  • 医薬品いやくひん
    medical and pharmaceutical products, medicinal supplies, drugs, pharmaceuticals, medicine
  • 品質ひんしつ
    quality (of a product or a service)
  • 品種ひんしゅ
    type (of goods), sort, (taxonomical) form, breed, variety, kind, type, cultivar
  • 食料品しょくりょうひん
    foodstuff, groceries
  • 薬品やくひん
    medicine, chemicals
  • 出品しゅっぴん
    exhibiting, showing, putting on display, putting up for sale, entering (a work into a competition), submitting
  • 品物しなもの
    goods, article, thing
  • 賞品しょうひん
    prize, trophy
  • 日用品にちようひん
    daily necessities
  • 品切れしなぎれ
    out of stock, sold out
  • 品名ひんめい
    product name, name of an article
  • 目玉商品めだましょうひん
    bargain goods, loss leader, eye-catching goods, featured product
  • 貴重品きちょうひん
    valuable article, valuables
  • 手品てじな
    magic (illusion), conjuring, magic trick, conjuring trick, sleight of hand
  • 逸品いっぴん
    excellent article, fine item, rare beauty, masterpiece, gem