10 strokes

employee, member, number, the one in charge



Common words

  • 職員しょくいん
    staff member, employee, worker, personnel
  • 議員ぎいん
    member of an assembly, member of the Diet, member of parliament, member of Congress
  • 会員かいいん
    member, the membership
  • 委員いいん
    committee member
  • 委員会いいんかい
    committee, commission, board, panel, committee meeting
  • 社員しゃいん
    company employee, member of a corporation, company stockholder (esp. in legal contexts)
  • 全員ぜんいん
    all members, all hands, everyone, everybody, whole crew
  • 役員やくいん
    director, executive, officer, official, person in charge
  • 従業員じゅうぎょういん
    employee, worker
  • 定員ていいん
    fixed number (of people), prescribed number (of regular personnel, students, etc.), quota, numerical limit, complement, capacity (of a bus, boat, theatre, etc.), seating capacity
  • 公務員こうむいん
    government worker, public servant, civil servant
  • 人員じんいん
    number of persons, personnel
  • 教員きょういん
    teacher, instructor, teaching staff, faculty member
  • 党員とういん
    party member
  • 一員いちいん
    one person, one member
  • 店員てんいん
    employee (of a store), shop assistant, clerk, salesperson
  • 特派員とくはいん
    (special) correspondent (e.g. for a newspaper), representative, delegate
  • 乗組員のりくみいん
    crew (of a ship, airplane, etc.), crew member
  • 満員まんいん
    full house, no vacancy, sold out, standing room only, full (of people), crowded
  • 動員どういん
    mobilization, mobilisation