12 strokes

virtuous, good, goodness



Common words

  • 改善かいぜん
    betterment, improvement, kaizen (Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement)
  • ぜん
    good, goodness, right, virtue
  • 親善しんぜん
    friendship, goodwill, friendly relations, amity
  • 善意ぜんい
    virtuous mind, good intentions, good will, positive mindset, bona fides, good faith
  • 慈善じぜん
    charity, philanthropy
  • 善良ぜんりょう
    good (person, nature, etc.), good-natured, virtuous, honest
  • 善悪ぜんあく
    right and wrong, good and evil
  • 勧善懲悪かんぜんちょうあく
    rewarding good and punishing evil, poetic justice