12 strokes

occupation, camp, perform, build, conduct (business)



Common words

  • 経営けいえい
    management, administration, operation, running (a business), conducting
  • 運営うんえい
    management, administration, operation
  • 営業えいぎょう
    business, trade, operations, sales
  • 国営こくえい
    government management, state management
  • 陣営じんえい
    camp (supporters of a doctrine, party, etc.), faction (of a party), military camp, encampment, cantonment
  • 公営こうえい
    public management
  • 自営じえい
    running one's own business, doing business on one's own, self-employment
  • 営利えいり
    money-making, commercialized, commercialised
  • 営むいとなむ
    to run (a business), to operate, to conduct, to practice (law, medicine, etc.), to carry out, to perform, to lead (a life), to hold (a Buddhist or Shinto ceremony)
  • 営繕えいぜん
    maintenance and repair, upkeep (of equipment)