7 strokes

quandary, become distressed, annoyed



Common words

  • 困難こんなん
    difficulty, hardship, trouble, distress, infeasibility, inability (to carry out)
  • 貧困ひんこん
    poverty, penury, need, destitution, shortage, lack, want
  • 困惑こんわく
    bewilderment, perplexity, embarrassment, discomfiture, bafflement
  • 困り果てるこまりはてる
    to be at a complete loss, to be without recourse, to be completely stymied, to have absolutely no idea what to do
  • 困窮こんきゅう
    poverty, need, destitution, having great difficulty with, struggling greatly with, being in distress
  • 困るこまる
    to be troubled, to have difficulty, to be in a fix, to be at a loss, to be stumped, to be embarrassed, to be bothered, to be inconvenienced, to be annoyed, to be badly off, to be hard up, to be in straitened circumstances