7 strokes

map, drawing, plan, extraordinary, audacious



Common words

  • 意図いと
    intention, aim, design
  • 地図ちず
    map, atlas, chart, plan
  • 図書館としょかん
  • drawing, picture, diagram, figure, illustration, chart, graph, map, sight, scene
  • 図書としょ
  • 図るはかる
    to plan, to attempt, to devise, to plot, to conspire, to scheme, to aim for, to strive for, to work towards, to seek, to deceive, to trick, to take in
  • 合図あいず
    sign, signal, cue
  • 図鑑ずかん
    pictorial book, picture book, illustrated reference book, identification manual, field guide
  • 図形ずけい
    figure, shape, graphic
  • 指図さしず
    directions, instructions, orders, command
  • 図表ずひょう
    chart, diagram, graph, figure
  • 縮図しゅくず
    reduced drawing, miniature copy, microcosm, microcosmos
  • 系図けいず
    family tree, pedigree, genealogy
  • 企図きと
    plan, project, scheme