5 strokes

pressure, push, overwhelm, oppress, dominate



Common words

  • 圧力あつりょく
    pressure, stress, pressure (e.g. political), coercion, arm-twisting
  • 圧倒的あっとうてき
  • 弾圧だんあつ
    oppression, suppression, pressure
  • 血圧けつあつ
    blood pressure
  • 気圧きあつ
    atmospheric pressure
  • 圧縮あっしゅく
    compression, condensing, shortening, summarizing, compression (of data)
  • 抑圧よくあつ
    check, restraint, oppression, suppression
  • 低気圧ていきあつ
    low (atmospheric) pressure, low-pressure system, depression, cyclone, bad temper, foul mood, tense situation
  • 圧倒あっとう
    to overwhelm (e.g. an opponent), to overpower, to crush, to defeat completely, to overwhelm (someone with emotion), to move, to impress, to fill with emotion, to intimidate, to frighten, to threaten
  • 圧迫あっぱく
    pressure, oppression, suppression
  • 高気圧こうきあつ
    high (atmospheric) pressure, high-pressure system, anticyclone
  • 鎮圧ちんあつ
    suppression (of a riot, revolt, etc.), repression, putting down, quelling